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Minecraft: Why You Should Live in Block Land

27 Sep

Minecraft is an awesome game.  Those of you who play Minecraft, you know what I mean.  Those of you who don’t play Minecraft, I’ll fill you in.  It’s what every middle school kid should be doing instead of homework.

Minecraft is a 3-D game made entirely out of cubes.  It can be played on the iPod, Xbox 360, and the computer.  This game is like a computer version of Lego and was developed in late 2009.  All three versions have been updated in the last month.   I installed a mod called Tekkit. It’s pretty cool.

You can play in Single Player mode or join a group at a server online in Multiplayer mode.  Skitscape’s public server is up and running. However, the spleef sector (one of my favorites) of the server is closed. The IP address is

A creepah! (it’s a plush toy, yay!)

If that’s not convincing enough, watch the videos  that the Minecraft players post on YouTube.  I will  be updating you on these videos in another post.

Now, back to those of you who want to know more about Minecraft. Its front title screen looks a little like this:

The Minecraft Title Screen. The first thing I think when I see this is, “Cube land here I come!”

As far as Minecraft goes, you either “get it,” and you like it, or you miss the point entirely, and you want to change it.  My friend Micheal came over during the weekend, and he played Minecraft for the first time. Then he said,  “We should make a Minecraft Two, where the goal is to kill each other and get coins to get new weapons to kill each other, and nothing should be made out of blocks because that would be boring!”

“Wai-” I started to say, but he cut me off.

Yeeee-hah! Steve rides the Enderdragon!

“And when we get on, we can just throw bombs at everyone and kill them like that!” and he snapped his fingers.

I thought, “O.K .the entire point of Minecraft is not to kill one another. That’s like just about every other video game! And, second of all, the fact that it’s made up out of blocks is unique!!!”

An NPC bad guy!

My friend Larry, though, totally gets the concept of the game. He is always talking about what he has built. He keeps his fingers crossed that the next update will have armor because he really wants to see himself with armor on. Our friend, Brad, has just downloaded the full version for the iPod.

Before school today, Brad asks, “How do I mine gold?”

Larry answers, “With a pickaxe.”

“But when I mine it with my pickaxe, I don’t get any gold ingots!” Brad says.

“What kind of pickaxe is it?” I ask (hint, hint, wink, wink).


“You can only mine it with an iron pickaxe!” exclaims Larry.

“How am I supposed to know?”

“Here, just come over to my house tomorrow, and Larry and I will explain the entire game to you,” I say.

You can buy a poster or t-shirt at This is a picture of the world according to Minecraft.

There’s a place for both building and PvP in “Minecraftia.” Some servers are creative, and you can’t be killed there.  Others servers are survival, and you can battle there.  You can even make your own server, where you  designate your system as a shared, central point where other players can access the same game world.  My friend Craig is going to set up a server for us to play together.  Craig has challenged me to a PvP fight. I’ll post the results when we’re finished.   This is a good example of how Minecraft lets you meet your friends after school and hang out without ever leaving your house.

If this hasn’t convinced you to download this incredible game, then I don’t know what will. However, if you are convinced, then just go to to download it for only $26.95. That’s it! $26.95, and then you have it forever!  No monthly fees, no cost for updates. Remember, living in block land does not mean you are limited to just cubes.  Be creative, and mine, craft, and build!

For all you science nerds, here is the Periodic Table with a severely limited number of elements, complements of Minecraft.


Uncle Bob’s Toilet Cake

19 Sep

It was a toilet bowl.  It was white.  It even had poop at the bottom.  When I first saw it I was disgusted, but then I realized that I was even more disgusted  ….  It was a toilet CAKE!!! (The poop wasn’t real, it was just melted tootsie rolls). The worst thing about it being a cake is that it was my Uncle Bob’s 50th BIRTHDAY CAKE!!

When you turn 50, you might as well try to have fun and enjoy all the life you have left.  I mean, once you find the “importance of laughter” your life will be fine. I just hope you find it far before you get over the hill and too old to count.

This is not the real cake, it’s just one I found online, although it looks similar.

People of all ages, from 1 to 100, need a good laugh once in a while, and cakes not only make us laugh but are delicioso. What’s the point of making a cake that’s just plain old round ‘n boring anyway (?!) when you can make…

…something like this:

When I first saw this cake, I thought it looked like a nerdy turtle. The body looks like an overgrown cupcake.  It would more than likely be for a kid than for a 99-year-old man.  You wouldn’t want him to think the point of this cake is to tell him he’s slow.  He probably wouldn’t be laughing.

As you can see, this one looks like a fast-food meal.  It was chosen because it resembles real food, which makes it pretty funny.  This edible monument is one of the most well-done cakes that I’ve ever seen.  It’s perfect for a teenager.  I couldn’t imagine how much work it would have taken to make this. I mean, it looks impossible, don’t you think?

Now THIS murderous  meal looks like an adult’s cake. It appears to be so real, even a five-year-old would run off crying!  At age 11, you would find it funny, but you wouldn’t eat it because it would feel too cruel.  Why do adults think it is so funny?  Although animals are still important to adults, they are not as important as they would be to young people.  I think the cake would be more for an adult, also, because grown-ups are more used to sarcasm.  A young child would think it was a real lamb!  I’m used to sarcasm, too, but I still wouldn’t eat it because–it feels so wrong!  If you think this cake looks wrong, wait until you see the next one!

This cake would be perfect for a Halloween birthday. My brother’s birthday is October 20th, but he’s in third grade. He might not have a problem with the cake, but most of his friends might. Imagine walking into a birthday party and seeing a severed arm on a platter on the table. Not a very pretty sight, is it, huh?  If little kids saw it, they would scream and run away!

The main reason this is story was written is so people understand the importance of laughter.  These cakes really do the trick.  Even if you’re 100, you will still find them funny–actually, I would say hilarious.   Let me tell you some advice:  Don’t ever have a party with a boring, old, round cake.  Those are lame.



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