Leaving Make-Up Behind

6 Jan

How important is your precious make-up bag to you?  Do you think you could survive an entire week without a streak of blush, or dollop of colorful eye shadow?  As difficult as it may sound, I, Grace, did in-fact live to see another day, after seven days make-up free.

It was winter break and my entire family was going to Arkansas to celebrate the holidays.  I always feel guilty (kind of) for bringing numerous bags of

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I don’t overpack, I just pack what I need! Which is everything including the kitchen sink.

clothing, make-up, and other knick-knacks, and so I decided to limit my self to two suitcases.  My family members all tormented me for over-packing…once again, but the most important thing left behind was all of my beauty products.

Normally, for make-up, I wear a thin line of eggplant colored eyeliner, a quick swipe of black mascara, and a good dose of sparkly pink or copper eye shadow.  Sometimes I smear a touch of light blush across the apples of my cheeks, too.

While on my trip, my mom, aunt, and girl cousins all had on make-up and beauty products galore.  But as the vacation progressed, I felt more satisfied going all natural, and giving my skin a rest.

The cool Arkansas air was practically therapeutic to my face, all I truly needed was a good long walk alone to examine my conscience and get in touch with what all of the make-up was covering up.  I felt closer to Mother Nature, and I was also more aware of my surroundings.  I wasn’t constantly worried if my mascara had been smudged, or if my eyeliner was wearing off.  It was almost like I was more connected to the real me, and honestly, it felt amazing.

My family didn’t care what my face looked like either, and even though everyone else was coated in make-up, I didn’t feel the urge to fit in with the crowd.  To be with my entire family and having a grand time and enjoying their company, is what really mattered.  Sometimes I think that having to grieve over what you look like on the outside can change who you are on the inside.

The situation was easier for me because I was around family and strangers while in Arkansas, not in a bustling middle school full of people eager to judge you on the way you look.  But if you don’t wear make-up, why should anyone care?   Guys do not wear any make-up, so why do girls?  Is it that females are expected to be more beautiful than males, and so they must “enhance” their normal self, to be considered pretty?

One of the benefits of trying to live a week without make-up was the increase of my self-esteem. I felt more confident with the way I looked, but I also noticed a difference in my complexion.  Giving my skin a breather from all of the paint and goop I usually layer on to my skin had great results.  My face felt smoother and softer than ever!    I do still wear make-up to school, but on the weekends I feel no need to.  Also, my friends don’t care what I look like, so I go natural when I spend time with them.

Originally uploaded by iniuppa on Photobucket.com

Can a girl ever have too much make-up?

So, if you think you are up to the challenge of trying to live 1 week, 7 days, 168 hours, 10,008 minutes, or 604,800 seconds, without make-up, give it a shot!  It was a fun and enjoyable experience, but you might want to start off just around family and friends, or just on the weekends.  If you do decide to try this vicious dare I have bestowed upon you, let me know how it went!  It is always fun to do something new and you might learn something from it, so why not try it?!  I am glad I left my make-up behind.  Now, the important question: Are you up to the daunting task?


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