Am I In the Mob?

13 Dec
There comes a time when everyone must make a stand. Whether it is in defiance of unfair rules or in defense of the weak, it helps to be bold. Sometimes courage is hard to find, especially if those around us are opting out of the fight. Why risk being punished or ostracized for no reward? Isn’t it easier to go along with the crowd? Yes, but how would that make you feel about yourself?
When there is no public admiration for leadership, the reward resides within. Tapping into that wellspring of bravado can be tricky. Here is an inspiring essay on standing up for what you believe in. — Chris
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Feeling sheepish about not standing out from the crowd?

Countdown: “10, 9, 8…”

Many people waited in anticipation for the arrival of the year 2000; this date was once considered, by some, to be an impossibility because of the widely-held, strange belief that disaster would occur when the clock struck 12 in the year often referred to as Y2K.

“7, 6, 5…”

Y2K spread the rumor that the world would somehow disintegrate in the year 2000. Many people waited in fear of imminent death on midnight December 31, 1999.\

“4, 3, 2…”

People who believed in this strange phenomenon did not, for one moment, consider the fact that there was no explanation as to why the world would spontaneously disintegrate.

“1… Ball drop, moment of truth, and — nothing.” As you know, the world did not spontaneously disappear, combust, implode, or even miss a beat. The computers did not fail, and the human race did not come to an untimely end.

It is this sort of mob mentality that leads to political, social, and religious disagreements. Many people are, mentally, sheep. These people would sit and watch a herd walk into the doors of a slaughter house and (since sheep cannot read) they, themselves, would walk in, never to exit alive. If these “sheep” would stop and consider things before they jumped to conclusions, they would be better off. The real problem is not that they are followers; some people are not leaders and need someone to follow. But, the potent problem in this situation is that there are no leaders. The “herd” is only led by followers; it is sheep mindlessly following sheep, who are mindlessly following sheep, who are only moving forward because there are too many people behind them to turn around. The sheep are committing mental suicide, and they know it. They elect to close their minds to any other thoughts.

These sheep’s only care is to not be “left out.” I have to admit that I have been a sheep before. I have walked into the slaughter, so to speak, so that I would not be “left behind.” This is a disappointing fact that I must admit. I believe that almost all of us, at one time or another, have been sheep. In fact it is one of the hardest things not to do. It is incredibly difficult to fight your way through a crowd running at you, ignorant to the truth, pushing you toward the open doors of the cerebral slaughterhouse. I do not like the odds.

How can we sit by while the world is slowly enveloped by ignorant automaton invaders? We are not such narcisitic egotists that we can watch this happen. We cannot allow our children, our friends, or even our nemeses to succumb to such a fate. While we cannot make choices for them, we can strongly object. We can suggest, inform, explain, and teach them of their fate. We can do our best, prepare for the worst, and hope that we impress our best judgements upon them.

But we must not impose; we must walk a thin line, careful to never stray an inch from it. If we forget this, our important message will be corrupted, vilified, and lost. We must not be overbearing or pushy. And, armed with this knowledge, we must bravely embark upon our journey, prepared to be drawn off of our straight and narrow trail, and we must know the way back. We must never forget the saddening story of our friends who were drawn in by the peer pressure and could not find their way back to the trail, who were corrupted beyond repair.

With these words, I charge you to go forth and do your best to gather the sheep from the herd and turn them around, to shut the beckoning doors of intellectual death, and to return the wayward back onto the straight and narrow. — James

2 Responses to “Am I In the Mob?”

  1. Dot Davis December 19, 2010 at 6:53 pm #

    James, you are certainly a deep thinker, and it’s clear from this beautifully-stated piece that you are writing from your heart and personal experience. What you write about here is one of the most important and momentous issues in our society, in my opinion. Boiled down, the question is “Who will lead and who will follow?” In the answer, lies everything.
    Thanks for making me think! Wonderful writing!

    • teenwebzine December 20, 2010 at 6:00 pm #

      Thank you very much. I appreciate the fact that people still enjoy thinking! It’s good to know that there are those important few who are wondering about life’s greatest questions. Once again Thank you so much for commenting on my article and the blog, I hope that we cause some more contemplation out there! Thanks I’m glad you enjoyed it!


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