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10 Dec
He is the world’s gold standard for reggae artists and has become popular once again, almost 30 years after his death. He left a wealth of excellent music that crossed cultural barriers and put his country on the map in terms of music. What he did for reggae he also did for fashion; his hairstyle is still popular today. The new generation has discovered this artist because even his name is a household word. Upon hearing of him, kids look up his music and are pleased with what they hear. Maybe it’s time to discuss his life and his contributions once again. — Chris

Can you think of a famous reggae artist who had a distinctive hairstyle and voice? Do you think you know who the famous Reggae star is?  Let’s test you and see!

Question 1:

What is his name?

A. Bunny Wailer

B. Lee Perry

C. Bob Marley

D. Junior Kelly

Question 2:

Where is he from?

A. Jamaica

B. Costa Rica

C. Mexico

D. Haiti

Question 3:

How old was he when he died?

A. 26

B. 36

C. 39

D. 42

Question 4:

What did he die from?

A. Murder

B. Car Accident

C. Cancer

D. Head Injury

Question 5:

What kind of hair was he famous for?

A. Mohawk

B. Afro

C. Mullet

D. Dreadlocks

Question 6:

How long did his career last?

A. 1997-2003

B. 1962-1981

C. 1983-1994

D. 1960-1983

Question 7:

Which is a Well-Known Hit by this artist?

A. Jammin’

B. Groovin’

C. Funky Kingston

D. All of the Above

Question 8:

Who was his wife?

A. Phyliss

B. Joan

C. Rita

D. None. He Was Single

Question 9:

When was he born?

A. February 6, 1945

B. July 15, 1937

C. December 14, 1962

D. January 1, 1950

Question 10:

How many children did he have?

A. 10

B.  13

C. 4

D. None

Do you think you know which famous person I am talking about?  Well, if you answered number one as Bob Marley, then you are correct!  But did you get the other tricky questions about Bob right?  Compare your answers with this handy answer sheet!  And, to all you Bob Marley fans,  thanks for taking the test. — Grace

Question 1— C. Bob Marley

Question 2— A. Jamaica

Question 3— B. Age 36

Question 4— C. Cancer

Question 5— D. Dreadlocks

Question 6— B. 1962-1981

Question 7— A. Jammin’

Question 8— C. Rita

Question 9— A. February 6, 1945

Question 10— A. 10 Children


4 Responses to “Reggae Pop Quiz”

  1. Dot Davis December 19, 2010 at 4:45 pm #

    I was clueless about Marley, but my husband got almost all of the questions right. Now “I Shot the Sheriff” is blaring from the other computer in the office…Bye bye, Sunday morning peace! Though Reggae has never been my genre-of-choice, I admire his work, it’s good to dance to, and I love the Dreds. 🙂 Your quiz is such a clever and fun way to inform!

    I’d love to see more of these about other artists! Thanks, Grace. Well done! 😉

    • teenwebzine December 22, 2010 at 7:20 pm #

      Dot Davis-
      I would be happy to create another quiz! I will jump right on that so check in with us later.

  2. Kevin December 19, 2010 at 7:01 pm #

    Nice quiz! I got 80%. The only child of his I knew was Ziggy Marley, so I guessed only 4 kids. I was wrong on hits too, since I thought Kingston would be one since that is a big town in Jamaica, right? Wow, I have to get my big brother to do this.


    • teenwebzine December 22, 2010 at 7:18 pm #

      I think we can all agree that pop quizzes aren’t the best things ever, but 80% is not too terribly bad! Thanks for the comment! If you have any ideas for articles or quizzes, we are open to options and opinions!

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